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ΕΣΠΑ 2014-2020
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Cooking Lessons

If you love Greek cuisine and would like to learn to cook traditional Greek dishes rather than just tasting them, we have the perfect proposition for you.

Karaiskos Farm

A few meters from our guest house in the heart of the forest you yourself can collect the ingredients to create delicious Greek Pelion dishes.

‘Spetzofai’ (country sausages and peppers in a rich tomato sauce), stuffed tomatoes and peppers, wild greens with eggs, moussaka, and salads prepared with ‘tsitsiravala’ (pickled wild turpentine shoots) and ‘kritamo’ (rock samphire).

To round off your meal there will always be a wide selection of traditional Greek ‘spoon’ sweets (preserved fruit) made with fruit from the farm`s fruit trees, as well as a traditional baklava that will elevate your gastronomic appreciation.